When you ordered your extension(s) previously, you likely purchased the more affordable "1 year upgrades / support / access plan" which provides you a year of upgrades, support, and access to the extension. (Please review your prior order receipt to confirm what plan you ordered previously)

The message you are seeing is helping inform you that chosen extension plan is going to expire soon, so you need to renew the plan in order to continue using the extension. You can renew the plan following these instructions.

Why is this happening? Why is my extension going to expire?

We offer two plans that you can choose during checkout.

A) Value Plan - One year of access to extension(s) upgrades, access to support and access to the extenion(s).

B) Lifetime Plan - Includes 3 months support, 3 months of access to upgrades, and lifetime access to the extension(s).

If you are on Plan B - the Lifetime Plan with 3 months support / upgrades and an unlimited access plan - then you do not need to renew unless you want to upgrade to a current version of the extension or receive ongoing support.

Not sure which plan you ordered? 

You can view your prior invoice from us to see the plan that you selected during checkout. If you can't find it, please contact our support and request a copy of your previous invoice.