We offer two types of software licenses for our extensions to help fit our customer budgets, goals, and development initiatives.

A) Value Plan 

Provides one (1) year of access to the extension(s), and access to all relevant extension(s) upgrades.

The Value Plan is less costly because it does not come with a lifetime license to the extension. The Value Plan is also a much more well rounded plan, because you receive 1 year of software updates.

What Type of Business is the Value Plan good for?

New businesses that need to keep costs low and validate their business before they invest in long term software assets. 

Businessess who would like access to our knowleddgable support staff for questions on configuration, optimization, and upgrade addons

The Value Plan is Extendware's Most Popular Plan - A majorty of customers chose the Value Plan because of its significant cost savings. 


B) Lifetime Plan 

Provides three (3) months friendly customer support, three (3) months of access to any relevant extension(s) upgrades, and lifetime access to the extension(s).

What Type of Business is Lifetime Plan good for?

Established businesses that want to invest in long term assets, have inhouse expertise for technical questions, and don't need future updates of the extension. 

What Licensing Plan Do I Currently Have with Extendware?

If you aren't sure what plan you ordered, please review your Extendware Order receipt to confirm what plan you ordered.

Or you can follow the steps here in "What Licensing Plan Do I Have?"

If you have any pre or post Sales questions on Licensing Plans and how they would fit your business, please don't hesitate to contact us via the Sales option of the Support page.