Priority Support requests are considered of the highest priority and processed first.

Priority Support is for our customers who require more responsive assistance with their Extendware Magento store extensions. Typically these customers require a more immediate, hands on approach to solving their unique problems and Priority Support was designed to assist this set of customers. 


  • Priority Support is a customer account-wide feature that applies to a customers entire library of (purchased and valid) extensions. Priority Support only applies to the extensions that a customers has that have a current, valid Support Period.
  • Priority Support routes your support issues straight to our Priority Customer Support team for the fastest care available from Extendware.
  • Each customer only needs one Priority Support service, per year, and this will cover all of their active extensions during that year that have their own valid, Support Period active. 


A) Brian purchases four extensions, each with a 12 Month Support Period and also purchases Priority Support.

    Brian will receive Priority Support on all four extensions for the one-year Support Period that he purchased for each of those extensions. 

B) Sarah purchases one extension with the free, three month Support Period and also purchases Priority Support.

    Sarah will receive Priority Support for the one extension for her three months Support Period that she bought with the extension. After the three months, the customer's extension Support Period expires and she will not receive support. Because Priority Support is a one year, customer-wide option, Sarah could purchase a new extension Support Period within the next year and her one year Priority Support plan will still be valid. 

C) Joe purchases one extension with the one year Support Period on January 1st and a second extension on June 1st with one year of Support Period, along with a new purchase of Priority Support

     Joe's Priority Support covers both extensions until the end of the support plan for each extension. The first extension would receive Priority Support from June 1st until December 21st, and the second extension would receive Priority Support from June 1st to May 30th the next year. 

Any questions? Please email our friendly support staff and find out if Priority Support is right for you. 

Extendware offers Technical Support solely via our support channel. Please bear in mind that we deal with sensitive information and in an effort to uphold our customers' safety and confidentiality, we do not provide Support via TeamViewer, Skype, or other Social Media Platforms.